Web3, AI and Humanity at Maui TechOhana

May 12, 2023

35 entrepreneurs attended the May 11 Maui TechOhana at MEDB’s Malcolm Center to hear about Web3, AI, and Humanity. Organized by Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and supported by the County of Maui, the event provided an informal networking opportunity open to those interested in Maui County’s technology industry.

Maui-based guest speaker, Mark Williams comes from a technology consulting background and has worked across multiple industries with clients such as Microsoft, Mercedes Benz R&D, NASA, AT&T, and T-Mobile. His interests include blockchain, artificial intelligence, and how emerging technologies can improve our lives. Williams talked story about his career journey in tech and explored some real-world examples of blockchain and Web3, including an exploration of AI and its potential impacts, good and bad. Williams has spent the last four years as VP of Infrastructure at BrainTrust Network, a marketplace that connects organizations directly to top technology talents. The company’s first hire, he helped catapult BrainTrust into a $100M+ Web3 juggernaut. 

“Founded in 2018 and based in San Francisco, BrainTrust operates as a user-controlled talent network,” Williams explained. “The network aligns the interests of both experts and enterprises. We aim to help the best-qualified realize all of their potential, with access to high-paying jobs, ownership through the BTRST token, transparency, and opportunities for learning and growth. Through AI, a human-programmed system designed to operate within specific perimeters and perform specific tasks to enable problem-solving, there is a burgeoning of new technologies; used not only at BrainTrust, but throughout society in various fields.”

Maui resident and participant Rachel Campbell reflected, “We learned in a very clear way how the internet enables new ways of doing business, ways most people have not thought of yet. One of those ways is allowing general access to AI tools. AI is easy to misunderstand, so seminars like TechOhana are very valuable.”

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