Focus Maui Nui Trends 2020

“Trends Maui Nui 2020” is a compendium of comparative data and narratives that we believe provides important information for the Maui Nui community to make effective and appropriate decisions for the future.

Work on this report began in late 2018, as an update to the 2008 Next Steps Report—to record changes over the decade, to prepare for the 2020 U.S. Census, and to contextualize quantitative research. Like the 2008 report, it is comprised primarily of secondary data, but Trends Maui Nui 2020 includes far more data than its predecessor. It also includes six narratives that bring life to quantitative data. These narratives were developed with the help of a collection of qualitative one-on-one interviews with a cross section of topic experts and residents of Maui County.

At the onset, it seemed appropriate that this document launch in 2020—a term synonymous with visual acuity and often meaning that in hindsight things that were not clear at the onset, become obvious. While the data was collected throughout 2019, in light of the uniqueness of 2020, we have made every effort to reflect significant new information in the narratives and, where possible, in the data pages.

“Maui Nui—an innovative model of sustainable island living… a place where every child can grow to reach their potential… That which makes Maui Nui unique in the world will be preserved, celebrated, and protected for generations to come.”

Focus Maui Nui Vision Statement 2003