From May through August 2003, almost 1,700 residents from a broad demographic cross-section of Maui County engaged in this groundbreaking process to define a vision, priorities, and guiding values for Maui Nui.
Community leaders have pledged to uphold the findings of this process and to make decisions based on the vision that emerges. In 2004, county administrators and planners successfully adopted the findings into their Ten-Year Plan for Maui County.
Focus Maui Nui Reports and Findings

icon_execsum Executive Summary
This summary provides a 22-page overview of the Focus Maui Nui process and results.
icon_singlepgsum Core Values and Action Strategies
This two-page summary is available for quick reference.
icon_newsletter Summary for Publications
This two-page summary is for use in newsletter publications and other communications.
icon_execsum Final Report
This 400+ page Final Report, includes the 22-page Executive Summary, and summarizes the results of the Focus Maui Nui process. This includes all supporting primary data in the Appendix.