Oct 14, 2015

By popular demand, Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) offered two days of the workshop “Minding Your Own Business:  Entrepreneurial Psychology Basics and You.” The workshop, part of MEDB’s Technical Assistance Series, is a grassroots effort to help small businesses establish strong systems, processes, tools and best practices to build a solid foundation for success. The Psychology Basics workshop, led by psychologist Dr. Jennifer Johnston-Jones, helped attendees explore their own personal approach to business creation through the double lens of neuroscience and psychology.  Through hands-on interactive activities, participants rediscovered their strength, perseverance, and creativity by overcoming perceived limits, and then applied these hard-won lessons in building their businesses.
“During this seminar, attendees experienced live coaching and personalized attention, increased self-awareness, authentic networking, community-building, a possible breakthrough, and laughter and fun,” said Frank De Rego Jr., director of Business Development Projects at MEDB. “We encouraged all entrepreneurs to attend and learn from Dr. Johnston-Jones about how they can realize their potential.”
Dr. Johnston-Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker, psychologist, executive coach and expert in the psychology of success. She is the
founder and CEO of EntrepreneurShift, an app and live-event program which shifts the paradigm from a wealth-based model of success to authentic success via modern neuroscience. “I teach people actionable life-changing steps that accelerate their path toward fi nancial freedom paired with purpose and joy,” said Dr. Johnston-Jones. “With every level of success there is another level of success just beyond the horizon that requires thought, decisions and actions that a coach can help you accelerate or think through.”
“As a business owner, I’m focused and motivated, but I don’t always make time for strategic thinking because I’m busy serving clients and running the business,” said workshop participant
Dr. Steven King. “It’s imperative that we learn how to work with the community. Psychological relations have to be understood and this workshop helped me think more strategically about that aspect. It was invaluable!”