BOD-Patricia-Rohlfing“MEDB plays an important role in facilitating discussion between community, business and political arenas.”
Patricia Rohlfing, Hawaii Pacific Solar

BOD-Ron-Kawahara“MEDB is helping to guide Maui’s future by providing stewardship of its High Technology infrastructure as part of the diversification of our economy.”

Ronald Kawahara, Ronald Kawahara & Co.

AndersLyons“MEDB’s goal of diversifying the Maui County economy is one that resonates strongly with me.”
Anders Frank Lyons, Kapalaea Consultants, LLC
BarbaraHaliniak“MEDB has significantly accelearated Molokai’s students learning power with STEM in high and middle schools and soon to be in an elementary school.”
Barbara Haliniak, Molokai Island Foundation
BOD-Clyde-Sakamoto“MEDB has the critical role of promoting, facilitating and leading economic development in a period of tremendous technological, environmental and demographic change.”
Clyde Sakamoto, University of Hawaii Maui College
BOD-Tom-Reed“MEDB was instrumental in establishing a technology industry on Maui so our young people didn’t have to go to the mainland to find suitable work.”
Tom Reed, President, Aloha Glass Recycling, Inc.
BOD-Ned“MEDB is helping to build pathways to a brighter tomorrow – Especially for our precious Keiki!”
Ned Davis, Manager, Trex Enterprises
BOD-Jim-Worley“MEDB is the one stop place to find out about economic development on Maui County!”
James Worley, President, Pali Kai, Inc.
BOD-Matsuda“As an engineer and a father of a young daughter, I truly appreciate MEDB’s effort to lead STEM programs for our local youth.”
Eric Matsuda, Vice president, Maui Operations SSFM International
BOD-Steve-Holaday“I support MEDB because they are the only organization that provides a balanced approach to improve the economy and the quality of life for the people of Maui.”
Steve Holaday
BOD-Terryl-Vencl2“MEDB is one leg of a three legged stool that is Maui’s economy (technology, tourism and agriculture). It is important that each leg support each other and my involvement with MEDB does just that..lends support for the economy of Maui.”
Terryl Vencl, Executive Director, Maui Visitors Bureau
“MEDB’s support of STEM education is helping develop the homegrown sustainable workforce of the future for Maui’s High Tech businesses.”
Michael Maberry
BOD-Lynn-McCrory“MEDB supports our Lāna‘i children with exciting learning experiences in STEM, preparing them for their future.  It doesn’t get better!”
Lynn McCrory, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Pulama Lanai