Dec 4, 2015

Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and High Technology Development Corporation sponsored Maui County’s participation in the first statewide, 36-hour, 2015 DevLeague /Uber Hawaii Hackathon. The free event, held October 23 to 25th, was partnered with, an educational streaming platform to connect participants around the state. Ten thousand dollars worth of prizes, and an opportunity to meet with an Uber engineering team in San Francisco, was offered to winning teams in various web-design categories.
“This exciting event was a key initiative to continue to grow and connect the developer community and provide valuable skills,” said DevLeague co-founder Russel Cheng. “The weekend long program and new partnership between DevLeague and Uber enabled participants to come together in both physical and virtual spaces.” The teams collaborated and built web-based transportation applications using Uber’s application programming interface (API) which are protocols and tools for building software applications.
“I’m thankful to MEDB for stepping up to host the Maui location,” said Web Designer Ben Ward. “The event brought entrepreneurs, programmers and designers together to build prototypes, test business ideas, assemble skills, make friends and lose sleep.” Beginning Friday night, participants presented their web and app ideas that could integrate with Uber.  “We ended up with two great projects,” explained Ward. “Ride Guardians, which allows the user to utilize a buddy system that will notify friends about where or when he/she will arrive at the agreed destination. This improves safety and builds trust with the Uber service.”

The second project, Nightout, is a quick way for friends to vote on where to spend their night out and get around safely with Uber. “I’m happy to report that Nightout was selected out of nine teams across the state and took the Best Overall Application Award!” exclaimed Ward. “Our winning team, Jordan Amor, Milo Turner, Steve Homer and I, plus all Hawaii participants, proved that tech talent doesn’t just grow in California.” The main sponsor, DevLeague, is a Honolulu-based code boot camp where students can learn to code at a professional level through an intensive hands-on 12-week camp or a 26-week accelerated learning program.