Maui-based Space Entrepreneur to “Talk Story” at TechOhana

Nov 30, 2021

With a career path that includes Cisco, Apple and NASA, Alex Fielding will be the guest speaker at the virtual Maui TechOhana on December 2. This event is presented by Maui Economic Development Board.

Fielding will “talk story” about his journey of self-discovery as a techie and entrepreneur – an odyssey that eventually led him to found Privateer Space where “the sky is no longer the limit.”

Alex Fielding, CEO & Chairman, Privateer Space

Backed by the “Woz,” Steve Wozniak, Privateer Space will create the first accurate map of objects, including satellites, in lower Earth orbits and develop innovative green space technologies.

Fielding’s lifelong interest in solving difficult technical problems also inspired him to start Ripcord – a company that transformed the way our world sees data by digitizing content using robotics and deep machine learning.

Fielding observes, “I’ve had the pleasure of a curiosity driven career and life; asking the question we all asked first as kids: Why? Why is this important? Why is it something that we must do? Why is it something so challenging that it will never become boring and is something that we’re likely to fail at but remains worth trying because we must succeed?”

“From working with Steve Jobs at Apple to co-founding two companies with Steve Wozniak, to taking a company public, working for NASA’s CTO, raising more than a quarter billion dollars in venture capital to building billions in shareholder value… That’s the easy stuff because it’s business,” explained Fielding. “The hard stuff is doing that and balancing a family, health, time to get in the ocean and explore alternate passions that somehow connect to the set of challenges that can help make my daughters future brighter long after I’m gone. How do we all do that better?”

Fielding notes his journey in tech also includes rigorous self-reflection, asking, “What have I completely failed at and what did I learn from it? What can we all do to improve the ways we behave as humans that share this planet and the collective future we all share?”

Now living on Maui, Alex is eager to help build the County’s tech business ecosystem while tackling issues of global importance.

Supported by the County of Maui, Maui TechOhana events provide anyone interested in Maui’s County’s tech industry with unique learning experiences and informal networking opportunities. This meeting will be virtual and will take advantage of breakout rooms to encourage information sharing and social interaction amongst the participants.

“MEDB continues to be a leader in our business community by providing local entrepreneurs and small business owners the practical knowledge, skills and resources they need to aim high and succeed.” said Frank De Rego, Jr., Director of Business Development Projects for MEDB. “We at MEDB are thrilled to introduce Alex Fielding to the Maui tech community and thank him for his generosity in talking story with us as friends and colleagues.”

Maui TechOhana is on December 2, 5:00pm – 6:30pm online via Zoom. Registration is necessary and places are limited. Details and RSVP at