Maka Hou Lanai – A Fresh New Start to Business

Sep 21, 2016

Lānaʻi entrepreneurs are invited to make a fresh start by learning how to create a new business from the ground up in just one weekend.
At Maka Hou Lānaʻi  you will experience the spills and thrills, the disappointments and satisfactions of building a business from scratch.  But you won’t be alone.  Mentors, experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and other participants will be there to give you the confidence you need to power through this action-packed weekend.
The week-end will be preceded by a Pitch Bootcamp.
At Maka Hou Lānaʻi you will:

  • Work hard but have fun
  • Establish new relationships with other business pioneers like you
  • Meet mentors who will assist you in learning new skills
  • Get valuable feedback from experts in entrepreneurship and venture capital

Join us for this intense and exhilarating experience in learning, networking, and building a business.  Maka Hou Lānaʻi ! Build new vision of Lānaʻi for you and your community.
Friday, Oct 21, 5pm through to Sunday, Oct 23, 2pm
Lānaʻi Senior Center, 309 Seventh St., Lanai City.
COST:  No Charge

  • Reservation required
  • Meals are included
  • Space is limited


The week-end event will be preceded by

Pitch Bootcamp Lānaʻi

Learn to effectively promote yourself and your business idea to others comfortably and with confidence – anytime, anywhere. Pitch Boot Camp Lānaʻi is specifically designed to give you the knowledge and practice you need to craft and deliver your BIG IDEA in 60 seconds or less.
At the Pitch Boot Camp Lānaʻi you will:

  • Learn the Dos and Don’ts in creating and delivering your pitch
  • Work with other participants to gain valuable feedback
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Pitch Boot Camp Lanai is a great way to prepare for Maka Hou Lanai: Starting a Business from Concept to Creation  on October 21-23.

  • Admission for Pitch Bootcamp is FREE
  • Dinner is provided
  • Reservation required
  • Space is limited

Annette Lynch
Project Assistant
Maui Economic Development Board
County of Maui
Mayor’s Office of Economic Development
Kaiser Permanente
Lānaʻi Chamber of Commerce