Lanai residents hit the road to becoming Board Savvy

Jul 17, 2018

How does one successfully navigate the complex, and often times bumpy road, to becoming “Board Savvy”? The answers were shared during a Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) workshop held on Lanai on June 23.

Ten residents representing a diverse group of non-profits and civic organizations attended this interactive session led by MEDB’s Director of Business Development Projects, Frank De Rego Jr.
The workshop covered the operating basics of running a non-profit board, including how a board functions, how to select a board, how to facilitate board meetings, what are board members’ responsibilities, and how to become a more effective board member.
Those who attended shared the insights gained from this workshop.

“I enjoyed the warm hospitality and humor in MEDB’s workshop presenters,” said Sharie Linden of Lanai Art Center. “I appreciated knowing that other boards had many similarities to ours and that we were not alone. I learned from the workshop the 10 responsibilities of board members and how to better facilitate board meetings using Robert’s Rules. This information will be shared with our current board.”
“I plan to share the knowledge gained with those who are elected to lead the Jaycees chapter and encourage them and others to attend trainings like this for their self-development,” said Noemi Barbadillo, who is looking to form the Lanai Chapter of Filipino Jaycees.

MEDB’s Frank De Rego Jr. observed, “A non-profit’s Board of Directors is the guardian of the vision, mission, and fiscal health of their organization. We encourage best practices in board governance that can be adapted to any non-profit – big or small, thus increasing the chances for success. MEDB is very grateful for the opportunity to engage with such a diverse, dedicated, and energetic group of Lanai residents.”
The Lanai workshop was sponsored by Maui Economic Development Board, Inc.
For information on future MEDB workshops, email or call (808) 270-6807.