Authoring your Future – replay now available

May 6, 2022

Small business owners of Hawaii joined in to listen to Janet A. Gregory, KickStart Alliance, and Janice Hulse, Global Directions 2012, as they discussed principles from their book “Age of Freedom: Women at the Crossroads of Career and Change” and the IAP formula.

Professional women are always evolving and changing to meet the needs of the work world, clients, and life. The intersection of activity and purpose (IAP) is a powerful formula to determine if you are in the right place or if it’s time to make some changes and what direction those changes should take.

Janet A. Gregory: Cofounder and principal of KickStart Alliance, a consulting firm dedicated to connecting clients with their customers. She worked as an independent consultant for seventeen years providing strategy in business development and sales planning. She is now working in an advisory capacity with a few select clients. Janet has been on the executive team of two successful start-ups in her prior twenty-five years of corporate experience in Silicon Valley. Janet has published four books; her first book “Built for Global: Navigating International Business and Entering New Markets” may be of interest to some MEDB participants.

Janice Hulse: Founder of Global Directions 2012, after a successful career in Asia Pacific that spanned fourteen years. She began her consulting career by partnering with other established consulting firms when she returned to North America. She is working on her own terms, focusing her consultancy work on B2B technology sales mentorship and coaching. Janice has more than thirty years of corporate experience with companies in all stages from start-ups to a Fortune-100 tech giant. This is Janice’s first book.

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