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Maui’s cultural landscape is made up of traditions brought here by Native Hawaiians and people from across the Pacific, North America and the rest of the world. Arriving with culinary, musical, visual arts, sporting and holiday customs, Maui’s people have woven a rich cultural tapestry that offers numerous events and attractions.

A wide range of entertainment options abounds throughout the year, including the Maui Whale Festival; Chinese New Year Celebration; Taste of Lahaina & Best of Island Music Festival; Makawao Rodeo; Molokai Ka Hula, celebrating the birth of hula; Maui County Fair and International Festival of Canoes, and much more; not to mention fine dining and some of the world’s best spas.

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Hawaii is also the birthplace of hula, an ancient tradition whose origins are shrouded in mystery – one legend says Laka, goddess of the hula, gave birth to the dance on Maui’s Molokai Island at a sacred place in Kaana – but remains a vibrant part of the islands’ culture today. Hula schools, or halau, across the county teach both ancient and contemporary forms of the dance expression to all ages.

The Maui Arts & Cultural Center is Maui’s largest entertainment venue, offering approximately 1,800 events each year, serving more than 260,000 people annually s- concert performances by international, national and local artists; visual art exhibitions; Hawaiian culture programs and art education programs, to name a few. Intimate settings offer the chance to see your favorite performers up-close.

The Maui Film Festival is a five-day outdoor celebration of independent film that has quickly gained prestige in the film industry. Known as the Sundance of the Pacific, or SandDance, the festival attracts a notable list of celebrities and offers festivalgoers movie screenings under the stars and on beaches, fine cuisine, filmmaker panels and red carpet affairs.

If you’re looking to spend an evening unwinding at the potter’s wheel or brushing up on your photography skills, let Maui’s continuing education programs be your guide. Three major facilities provide a range of courses, and the islands’ natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle are sure to complement your inspiration.

Continuing Education Centers
UHMC, University of Hawaii Maui College EdVenture Coursework in creative arts, Hawaiian culture, gardening, health and wellness and computer skills
Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center Classes and workshops in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, jewelry, glass and ceramics for novice, student and professional artists; visiting artist program; open studio program; art exhibitions
Maui Arts & Cultural Center Coursework in creative arts; cultural events and art exhibitions