2014 Hawaii STEM Conference Partners Up with Google, National Geographic

May 6, 2014

The fifth annual Hawaii STEM Conference was held this Friday, May 2 through Saturday, May 3 at the Wailea Marriott Resort on Maui. The popular two-day event brought together over 500 local students, educators and industry professionals with some of the most innovative technology companies in the world.
Since it began in 2009, the Hawaii STEM Conference has grown in popularity and star quality. The event continues to attract national partners and sponsorships from top tech companies like Google and National Geographic Society, as well as Apple for Education, SketchUp, Chevron and ESRI.
For the first time, the 2014 Conference introduced an overall theme: “Innovate. Empower. Impact the World through STEM.” Throughout the sessions, attendees were encouraged to keep this theme in mind as they gain new knowledge and are motivated to apply what they learn to help their own communities, if not the world.
As living proof of the power of STEM, the following keynote speakers also supported the Conference theme with their personal and professional stories:

  • Rosemary Wardley, Senior GIS Cartographer in the Maps Division of National Geographic Society
  • Pono Shim, President and CEO of Enterprise Honolulu, Oahu Economic Development Board
  • Ben Pigao, Maui High grad, former STEM student, Nike designer, global photographer and principal of Empire Green Creative

Statewide attendance
This year, 300 students representing 30 intermediate and high schools across the islands attended.  For many, it was their first experience at a regional technology conference complete with breakout sessions, software competitions, a formal awards banquet, and exhibit presentations.
Sponsored and presented by the Maui Economic Development Board’s Women in Technology Project, the statewide event allows students to have firsthand exposure to the advanced in-demand technologies, the latest software training, and real world challenges in the form of fun, hands-on team competitions.
Innovative agenda
Kicking off the event on Friday, a timed, high-energy mixer – the 5×5 Sessions – gave 300 students the opportunity to engage 5 different industry professionals every 5 minutes to learn about career pathways, personal experiences and insights.
Throughout the two days, 26 student breakout sessions were offered, led by education teams from Google and National Geographic Education, as well as industry presenters from EPSCoR, Air Force Research Laboratory, 3D Innovations, University of Hawaii-Maui College, Searider Productions, 3D Innovations, Goma Games and many more.  There will also be professional development designed just for teachers to motivate and increase STEM learning in the classroom.
The sessions ranged in topics from Google Earth and cool mapping resources to augmented reality, canoe design, game and web design, 3D CAD and outdoor GPS/GIS projects.
Competition winners
The following winners of the 2014 Hawaii STEM competitions were recognized at the formal Awards Ceremony held on Saturday.
The rigorous competitions help engage and encourage students in science, technology, engineering and math, while providing a regional tech competition that garners attention on college resumes.
This year’s winning students represented a cross section of schools across the state.

  • Web Design
    Farrington High School, Oahu: Lauren Avelino
  • Music Design
    Roosevelt High School, Oahu: Rey Chinen
  • GIS Storytelling
  • Lanai School, Lanai: Keona Conroy-Humphre, Jasmine Conroy-Humphrey
  • CAD Design
    Maui High School, Maui: Michelle Suyama, Trent Hori
  • On-site Video Competition
    King Kekaulike High School, Maui: Riley Calvin, Adam Howden
  • On-site Hackathon
    King Kekaulike High School, Maui: Jeremie Amano, Dylan Franco, Michael Reeves, Vanessa Sotoza
  • On-site CAD Competition
    King Kekaulike High, Maui: A.J. Ramelb, Joseph Metz, Jamie Oldenburg, Coleson Costales, Justin Jose, Elliot Bronick
  • Poster Design
    Maui Waena Intermediate, Maui: Honeykien Lagran
  • T-shirt Design
    Maui High School, Maui: Kristen Domingo
  • Game Design
    Roosevelt High, Oahu: Andy Kim
  • Program Impact Assessment (PIA): TIE
    King Kekaulike High, Maui: Maya Ooki, Jeremie Amano, Rosie Kulhavy-SutherlandKealakehe High School, Hawaii:  Josiah Clark, Daniel Andrade, Kyla Hollis, Uriah Camacho, Courtney Nelson, Kea Piper, Ashley Kim, Alec Goodson, Emily Gambing

For more information on the Hawaii STEM Conference, contact WIT Program Director Isla Young, isla@medb.org, 808.250.2888.
The 2014 Hawaii STEM Conference is sponsored by MEDB’s Women in Technology project in partnership with the County of Maui and the Office of the Hawaii State Director for Career and Technical Education.