MEDB Ke Alahele Education Fund Grant Awards 2009 – 2010

Junior First Lego League Tournament – $4,198 Grant
Wailuku Roselani Na Hokulani 4-H Club

Supported 4-H 5th grade girls from Waihe’e, Wailuku and Kahului with building and programming robots using Lego Mindstorm in preparation for the Maui Junior First Lego League Tournament. Students identified a transportation challenge in Maui County, developed a solution and presented their findings.

My learning goals were met!…[My student’s] confidence in their own ability to purposefully manipulate technology grows with every experience.
Robin Brooks
Teacher, Kalama Intermediate School

Micro Robotics – $5,000 Grant
Lahainaluna High School

Provided supplies and materials for the construction of micro-robots in preparation for the International Nagoya Micro Robot Maze Contest at Nagoya University, Japan in November 2009. Students designed, fabricated, and programmed their robot and remote controls.

First Lego League Maui Qualifier Tournament – $1,000 Grant
Seabury Hall

Supported the expenses 2009 First Lego League Maui Qualifier Tournament hosted by Seabury Hall with expenses associated with hosting including training on Oahu for two judges.

Robotics Club and Botball Competition – $4,000 Grant
Maui Waena Intermediate

Assisted with building and programming robots for the State Botball competition and covered student and mentor travel costs to the competition and provided two computers dedicated to robotics. They completed documentation of the process and a presentation describing the process and outcomes.

First Lego League Robotics – $2,115 Grant
Sapphires 4-H Club Organization

Supported members of the Sapphires 4-H FLL Robotics Team with materials and supplies to design, build and program a robot to do multiple missions related to transportation challenges in Maui County.

Smart Moves to Learning Science & Technology – $990 Grant
Groovy Girlz 4-H Club

Supported Groovy Girlz 4-H Club Robotics Club, ages 9 to 13, with designing, building and programming a robot to do three missions related to transportation challenges in Maui County. The Club developed a presentation that describes their findings and solutions.

I saw children turn into distinguished scientists within half a school year…Your [grant has] made a difference in our community, in the lives of my students, and insuring a brighter future for us all.
Jennifer Ainoa
Teacher, Molokai Middle School

Junior First Lego League Robotic & Robofest Year 1 – $4,700 Grant
Supernova 4-H Club

Supported members of the Supernova 4-H Junior First Lego League Robotics Team with their participation in the Hawaii Junior 2009 FLL Transportation Challenge and preparation for Robofest. Students built a model, designed and programmed attachments to do basic moves. They also built icon-based programming to move a two-motor chassis.

First Lego League Year 2 & Robofest Year 1 – $3,000 Grant
Technology Masters 4-H Club

Supported the Technology Masters Robotics team in preparing for the Hawaii 2009 First Lego League Transportation Challenge and Robofest. Students created programs for four sensory inputs, applied principles of force and engineering to build gears, designed and programmed attachments to complete four missions, and built motor chassis to complete robotic missions in competition terrain.

Robotics and Programming-Programming Our Future – $2,150 Grant
Pomaikai Elementary School

Covered training for teachers in programming software and designing curriculum and provided First Lego League kits for the members of the Pomaika`i FLL Robotics team and covered . The team participated in the 2009 FLL Transportation Challenge.

Upcountry Crushers Tackle Transportation Problem – $1,030 Grant
Upcountry Crushers Club

Supported members of the Upcountry Crushers robotics team in their participation at the 2009 FLL Transportation Challenge. The team tapped Pacific Defense Solutions and Engineering Dynamics, Corp. for engineering assistance. The participants presented their findings to the community.

First Lego League – $3,480 Grant
Team Havoc Robotics

Provided 7th graders with materials and equipment to prepare for the 2009 FLL Transportation Challenge. Students attended mandatory after school weekend programming and building sessions. Subsequently, funds covered the teams participation in the State competition.

Molokai NXT Navigators Team Project – $4,997 Grant
Kaunakakai Elementary School

Supported the participation of Molokai team members in the FLL Smart Moves Tournament on Maui and professional development for educators in engineering and robotics. While at the Maui tournament, the team learned about tech careers through briefings from Akimeka, Grand Wailea Resort, Boeing, and Hawaiian Dredging.

FLL Team Torch ‘Em State Finals – $4,617 Grant
Lanai High and Elementary School

Enabled students and chaperones from Lanai to participate in the State Finals for the FLL Transportation Challenge. Students researched and developed the concept of an underwater glass tunnel as a transportation solution between Lanai and Maui and created a presentation on their solution for the Tournament.

More Than the Naked Eye – $3,284 Grant
Kula Elementary School

Provided microscopes and supplies for the study of plant and animal cells for 50 Kula Elementary 4th grade students. The students created a Powerpoint presentation about what they learned.

Maui Malama Kahakai – $4,575 Grant
Pomaikai Elementary School

Supported integration of an ocean literacy curriculum in which students monitored the impacts of marine debris on the Waihe’e Preserve shorefront. The project served 450 Pomaika’i Elementary students and included training of the educator in the curriculum. The project culminated in a community presentation about their findings via graphs, art work, multimedia projects, pamphlets and brochures.

Environmental Studies of Lahaina Water and Local Beaches – $5,000 Grant
Lahainaluna High School

Supported the purchase of Vernier LabQuest Data Collecting Handheld computers, probeware and accessories to enhance science curricula serving the 980-student Lahainaluna High School, providing instantaneous data during laboratory investigations.

Picturing Our Garden – $4,981 Grant
Kamalii Elementary School

Promoted scientific inquiry with the help of digital equipment serving 93 Kamalii Elementary School 2nd graders . The students designed and planted gardens and experimented with variables in growing the garden. Students used images to create advertisements and an IMovie on healthy eating.

Digital Bus on Molokai Training Program – $4,740 Grant
Alaka‘ina Foundation/Digital Bus Program

Supported an Educational Assistant internship for the Molokai Digital Bus program. The Digital Bus will rotate between each of the six Molokai schools and be available to the entire student body of 1,315 students.

Student Television Network Convention – $5,000 Grant
Maui High School

The MHS Digital Media program has won several State and National video contests in the past few years. The grant supported the travel expenses of students to attend the STN Convention held in Anaheim in March 2010 where they benefited from competitions, networking, workshops, and hands-on experiences offered by the event.

Place, Culture Project – $4,507 Grant
Molokai High School

Transportation assistance enabled 20 high school students to partake in an innovative curriculum of science-based inquiry and observation at a number of culturally significant locations on Molokai. In addition, equipment purchased with Ke Alahele funding assisted with data collection and analysis in these living laboratories.

2010 Hawaii STEM Conference – $1,710 Grant
Molokai High School

Service-based learning fosters the application of progressive STEM education to create solutions to challenges in our community. Funding supported travel for 17 students and 2 teachers to participate in MEDB’s first statewide Hawaii STEM Conference which featured the solutions in a series of competitions and offered workshops.

Aquaponics and Sustainability of Hawaiian Food Sources – $4,219 Grant
Iao Intermediate School

Aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture with hydroponics, so that fish and plants are grown symbiotically in an organic, soilless system. Ke Alahele funding supported the purchase of aquaponic equipment and supplies for a system for 300 Iao School 7th graders to build and maintain.

Internship Program
Maui High Performance Computing Center and Pacific Disaster Center

Provided internships to apply an emerging interest in science to real world problems, an experience that gives two interns insights into determining their future career paths.