Become part of the Big Picture.
By becoming a member of MEDB, you have the unique opportunity to contribute to the shaping of Maui Nui’s evolving economy and long-term community goals.
How you help
Here are a few significant ways you will help us make a difference in Maui county:

  • DIVERSIFY our economy. The technology industry on Maui now employs 1,300 residents, up from 150 in 1982. A diversified economy is our guarantee of a healthier future for business and for our community.
  • ASSIST emerging and expanding businesses. Over 40 prospects annually receive help with planning, publicity, data gathering, recruitment, introductions, referrals, or financial information. Getting pointed in the right direction helps your bottom line by saving time and money.
  • INVEST in our workforce. Since 2003, our Kama’aina Come Home program has resulted in over 65 job placements. Be a part of building the workforce needed for your business and the future success of Maui County.
  • BUILD Hawaii’s education pipeline for 21st Century skills.  Our STEMworks project-based learning mirrors problem solving for the real world. A tech-savvy, resident workforce, trained in critical thinking skills, will strengthen business and our community.
  • PROMOTE respect for our culture and our land. The Haleakala: Sense of Place program educates about cultural and environmental stewardship. Raise awareness on how nature’s balance affects our quality of life and our economy now and in the future.
  • DESIGN forums inclusive of our community’s diversity. Over 1,700 residents took part in the Focus Maui Nui visioning project. Join in discussions leading to a higher quality of life for you, your family and Maui Nui.
  • INFORM decision-making processes. Through testimony, published papers, reports and presentations MEDB shares information throughout the year. Ensure decision makers have key information about industry and community interests.
  • ENRICH our quality of life, aligned with Focus Maui Nui’s vision. Living wage jobs of a diversified economy support our choice to live, work and play here for generations to come. Quality of life means addressing all of our needs—educational, environmental, infrastructural, economic, cultural, and human.
  • TAP into our hub of informed, committed and involved community members. Our network of partners and associates is drawn from business, education, the arts, nonprofits, and government at the local and national levels. Talk with key people and achieve extraordinary results.

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