Maui’s electric utility, MECO, has committed to significantly reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and taking the lead in clean energy and sustainability practices.
Hawaii is the most fossil fuel dependent state in the nation and importing oil to meet the demand is not sustainable. The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI), a federal-state-private partnership, is charting a new course toward energy independence.
Maui’s unique location and abundant resources amount to the ideal proving ground for clean energy innovation, making us an international testbed for promising clean and reliable technologies. Entrepreneurs, driven by passion and powered by ingenuity, are helping to secure Hawaii’s energy future by developing innovative technologies that can be deployed in communities statewide. Demonstration Projects such as JUMPSmartMaui and the Maui Smart Grid Project collect data from volunteers to address the challenges of modernizing the electric grid.

Electric & Gas
The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission regulates all public service companies that provide utilities.
The Maui Electric Company (MECO) is the county’s electricity provider, which is working to meet the future demands of businesses and residents and increase its renewable energy production.

Hawaii Gas
Maui County’s primary gas utility is Hawaii Gas, the only franchised gas utility in the State of Hawaii. Hawaii Gas has installed pipeline infrastructure and maintains bulk storage facilities.
Much of Maui’s drinking water comes from underground aquifers, where it is naturally filtered by lava rocks and made into clean water. Surface sources produce the remaining water, which is filtered by treatment plants across the islands.

With more than 120-year history in the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Telcom is Maui’s largest local-access landline service provider. Spectrum ( (formerly Oceanic Time Warner) and Wavecom Solutions provide cable-based telecommunications services. Several cellular phone service providers also cover Maui.