Information Technology

Today’s business world demands efficient communication and access to information that is well organized and easily retrieved. Maui’s growing information technology industry is constantly developing cutting edge hardware, software, integrated systems and networks to make the wheels of business run smoothly.
The industry’s products serve a range of businesses, including medicine and life sciences, disaster management and the environment, national security and defense, and aerospace and telecommunications. Maui is also home to the Maui High Performance Computing Center, which offers some of the world’s most advanced super-computing capabilities.
State of the art infrastructure, a robust business-to-business collaborative atmosphere at the Maui Research and Technology Park and some of the nation’s most competitive high technology tax incentives make Maui an ideal location for information technology business.

Maui Information Technology Firms

Company Products / Services
Akimeka Information management and information technology services and solutions
High Technology Development Corporation Provides resources to help develop and retain high tech in Hawaii
Integrity Applications Incorporated – Pacific Defense Solutions Advanced Image Processing, Custom Simulation Services and Software Engineering.  Extensive experience in Space Situational Awareness technology development.
International Underwater Explorations Provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions and tools to companies in the renewable energy, defense, commercial and marine sectors.
Pacific Disaster Center Applied information, science and technology research and analysis for disaster management and humanitarian assistance