Wind, water, solar – the opportunities for renewable energy research and production in Maui are boundless. Surrounded by ocean, bathed in abundant sunshine and covered by a mountainous landscape, Maui is a perfect fit for harnessing the power of mother nature.

Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative

In 2008, a partnership between the State of Hawaii and the U.S. Department of Energy launched the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative.  Hawai‘i Clean Energy Initiative aims to transform Hawaii into a world model for energy independence and sustainability. The goal is to meet 100% of Hawaii’s energy needs with clean energy by 2045.
Hawaii has  one of the highest per capita rates of solar power in the nation and is the second highest in the nation for Electric Vehicles (EVs) per capita.
Additionally the County of Maui is charting a course to develop clean energy technologies for use at home and across the world, to help protect the natural environment for generations to come. Maui is home to a growing portfolio of power production options, including community-based sustainable biodiesel, wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric.  Maui looks to continue its course as a community powered by and invested in clean energy.

Clean, Renewable Energy Generation on Maui

Several large renewable energy projects—a 30-megawatt wind farm (the state’s largest) and two 21-megawatt wind farms already provide Maui with about 30% renewable energy generation. Maui also has rooftop PV distributed across the island that currently contributes approximately 45 megawatts to the island’s renewable energy portfolio, giving Maui one of the highest PV penetration rates in the nation.

Additional Renewable Resources

Although ocean energy technologies are not yet proven on a commercial scale, Maui is at the forefront of ocean energy research. The island is planning to help test and demonstrate a wave project off its north coast in the near future.
The Japanese Government through its New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) funded a demonstration project — JumpSmartMaui– to improve the integration of renewable energy resources into Maui’s electric grid and to prepare for efficient adoption of all-electric vehicles (EVs).

Maui Energy Firms

Company Products / Services
Sempra Renewables Auwahi Wind Farm – Wind power production
EVOhana 13 fast charging stations installed across Maui during the JumpSmartMaui project continue to serve hundreds of EV drivers on our island.
Haleakala Solar In business for over 40 years and installed over fourteen thousand solar energy systems all over the state of Hawaii.  A one-stop shop and service anything solar energy related.
Hawaii Pacific Solar Develops, designs, installs and provides financing for commercial grid-connected photovoltaic, micro-grid and hybrid systems.
Hitachi A multinational conglomerate company
HNU Energy Diversified renewable technologies, scientific instruments and medical devices incubator; mechanical, opto-mechanical and electro-opto-mechanical technologies manufacturer
Maui Electric Company Subsidiary of Hawaiian Electric Companies, serving the communities of Maui, Lanai and Molakai.
Ohm Energy Technologies Provides energy-conscious products for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Pacific Biodiesel Community-based biodiesel fuel production
Rising Sun Solar The largest solar energy company in the state with offices on Maui, Big Island, Oahu and Kauai.  Provides design, installation, financing and maintenance for solar energy systems of all sizes and types.
Terraform Power The 30-megawatt Kaheawa Wind Farm is located along the side of Haleakala where winds frequently exceed 35 miles per hour.