Program Highlights

Successful Ke Alahele Education Fund Benefit Dinner. Over $230,000 was raised for a very worthy cause — Maui County’s students. Read More.



The 11th annual AMOS conference in September was a huge success with over 600 scientists participating.


Economic Development.Education to workforce.Community Consensus.

Together with an extensive network of partners, MEDB has initiated projects and programs that balance the need for economic stability with respect for cultural and environmental traditions. These programs seek to:

  • Encourage investment in local industry, creativity and culture
  • Support new and existing businesses, especially in the technology sector
  • Prepare youth for employment and education in new industries
  • Train teachers and the public on economic issues that affect all residents
  • Support dialogue and dissemination of information necessary to ensure a strong economy
  • Forge a strong foundation for the future of Maui County


Focus Maui Nui

In summer 2003, Focus Maui Nui brought together a diverse cross-section of nearly 1,700 residents to discuss their values and priorities. Over three months, 167 small group discussions took place in neighborhood homes, churches, shopping centers and workplaces, with each group ultimately developing a list of key strategies that could shape Maui’s future.
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High Tech Maui

High Tech Maui is a project of the Maui Economic Development Board, Inc., whose mission is: "To provide leadership and vision in our community for the responsible design and development of a strong and diversified economy."
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Women in Technology

The Women in Technology Project is a statewide workforce development initiative of the Maui Economid Development Board, funded in part through grants from the U.S. Department's of Labor, Agriculture and Education.
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AMOS Conference

The AMOS Conference remains the premier conference in the nation devoted to space surveillance. The cross section of military, contractor, and academic participation in the field of space situational awareness is unmatched by any other conference in the world, as evidenced by the continued growth in attendance, and the corresponding increase in technical excellence and collaboration.
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MEDB Ke Alahele Education Fund

To further support the growing need for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills, the MEDB board of directors created the MEDB Ke Alahele Education Fund in 2006 as a grant making vehicle. The Fund stimulates community investment in broadening career pathways for Maui County residents.
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