Membership Highlights

"MEDB truly supports our mission to strengthen and sustain our economy and bring about new ideas and opportunities to enhance our commerce on Molokai."

Barbara Haliniak, Molokai Chamber of Commerce

"The Maui Economic Development Board has proven excellent leadership and vision aligned with economic development objectives, and we’re proud to be a member of MEDB."

Gene Bal, Maui High Performance Computing Center

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Membership Testimonials


"MEDB provides: Access to qualified new employees, the opportunity to contribute to a strong economic future for Maui County; and a venue to network and collaborate with other leading-edge business."

Michael Reiley, Textron Systems Hawaii

"First Hawaiian Bank believes that a strong and diversified economy is one of the cornerstones of a healthy community. MEDB helps to fulfill this vision."

Mitchell Nishimoto, First Hawaiian Bank


"MEDB plays an important role in facilitating discussion between community, business and political arenas. Bank of Hawaii is proud to be a member of this fine organization."

Patricia Rohlfing, Bank of Hawaii

"MEDB is helping to guide Maui’s future by providing stewardship of its High Technology infrastructure as part of the diversification of our economy."

Ronald Kawahara, Ronald Kawahara & Co.


"MEDB is a place where I can play a part in making Maui’s economy sustainable through the education of Maui’s workforce and the diversification of the business activities that are possible."

Anders Frank Lyons, The Nature Conservancy in Hawaii

"MEDB is a great organization that has developed excellent initiatives for our community such as Focus Maui Nui, the growth of High Tech on Maui, and Women in Technology."

Ed Reinhardt, Maui Electric Company, Inc.


"Collins & Company is a member of MEDB because it is very effective in carrying out programs that benefit the people of Maui County and make our economic development sustainable."

Richard Collins, Collins & Company




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