Membership Highlights

"MEDB truly supports our mission to strengthen and sustain our economy and bring about new ideas and opportunities to enhance our commerce on Molokai."

Barbara Haliniak, Molokai Chamber of Commerce

"The Maui Economic Development Board has proven excellent leadership and vision aligned with economic development objectives, and we’re proud to be a member of MEDB."

Gene Bal, Maui High Performance Computing Center

Become part of the big picture

… you and Maui Nui

DIVERSIFIES our economy
The technology industry on Maui now employs 1,300 residents, up from 150 in 1982.
Do you want your business to be a part of a healthier, sustainable economy?

HELPS emerging and expanding businesses
Businesses receive one-on-one assistance with introductions, planning, publicity, community values, data gathering, recruitment, referrals, or financial information.
Would connecting you to the right people faster, save your business time and money?

INVESTS in our workforce
Since 2003, our Kama’aina Come Home program has resulted in over 65 job placements.
How important will a qualified workforce be to filling your company’s plans for success?

BUILDS the education pipeline with 21st Century skills
Project EAST’s project-based learning mirrors problem solving for the real world.
Does your staff have the technology savvy to compete in the global economy?

PROMOTES economic development that respects our culture and our land
The Haleakala: Sense of Place program fosters cultural and environmental stewardship.
Is this a place you will be proud to pass on to your children?

DESIGNS forums inclusive of our community’s diversity
Focus Maui Nui regularly engages residents in shaping our future.
Shall we raise our many voices together to accomplish our shared goals?

INFORMS decision making processes
Through testimony, published papers, reports and presentations MEDB promotes civic engagement.
Do you have the information you need to operate successfully?

ENRICHES our quality of life, aligned with Focus Maui Nui’s vision
Living wage jobs in a diversified economy support our choice to live, work and play here.
Can you and your children continue to choose Maui Nui as your home?

TAPS our hub of informed, committed and involved community members
Our network is drawn from business, education, nonprofits, and government.
Do you want your business to be part of this dynamic network?



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